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About the project

We feel confident you can get all the tips for your automotive problems.

Feel free to have a look at the subcategories to uncover the needed auto data like exceptional fitment details, manuals, graphs, DIY tips, customer advice, and usable guidance.

Our website is moderately spread out and also assorted to harmonize all types of enlightening insights.

We do all this labor of taking in along with setting up automobile content with one thing in heart.

That is providing a genuinely suitable media that encourages auto gearheads around the globe and brings crucial details whenever they search for it.

Mission Statement

Our idea is to deliver an online project that encompasses all the urgent matters an auto owner can think of connected to this particular category. We desire to become a multimedia sidekick you go to for a piece of insight regarding patching mechanical mess, switching out devices, and also thinking over an upgrade.

There is still a very long journey to go still, every single step takes us forward to fulfilling that motive.

We endlessly deal with growing and also fine-tuning our car database by adding updated practical functions, renewing facts and figures on car body types and also trim levels, and forming fresh subcategories.

At this point, you can view divergent usable assets on our online site:

  • automobile specifications by make, model, and also the year,
  • useful guidelines and even secrets you can work with,
  • instructions best suited for particular models and trims,
  • DIY, preservation, figuring out, replacement, and even maintenance articles.
As long as we would like that to come about, our website can not make you the greatest grease monkey.

Nevertheless, it will undoubtedly spare you a good deal of time on research as well as assist you to get away from negative shocks.

Oftentimes such troubles come from inappropriate sizing or incompatibility, which is exactly why we equipped our guidelines with orderly tables full of measurements according to model, year, together with trim.

There is seldom such a thing as a one-fits-all model amongst vehicle replacement parts and also decorations.

If you are reluctant regarding an upgrade that attracted your attention don't hold off to go to see our online resource to see if that stuff fits your automobile.

Our website was built only for educational reasons.

We work tirelessly to make information easy to get as well as easy to use.

We do not market goods or professional services, this is not our desire.

All we are interested in is providing a great tip-off on the niche that can perhaps be important to our visitors.

Why rely upon us

We have already been infatuated with the subject matter for years while working in the automotive area.

And during that period, we assembled indispensable understanding including specialization.

More so, we don't want to discontinue.

Hence, our study along with analysis certainly never ends.

Our central suppliers of material are all legitimate organizations, suppliers, and mechanics.

Though that doesn't signify that we take all the data for granted.

With an avalanche of ideas coming from all angles, we have developed our distinct fact-checking solutions to filter every point carefully.

Sources of information

To comply with our guarantees, we simply mention sites and guides written by reliable authorities such as

  • true vehicle companies' online sites
  • main automotive and transporting associations run by the state
  • datasheets as well as information by designers.
Some of our content is granted by the visitors who decided to bestow their knowledge.

It is routinely titled a "user-generated article."

We rather treasure your ability to share your experience with guidelines with society.

Code of ethics

We have our "set of guidelines" that regulates how we address the project and also interaction:

  • Customer experience is primary.
  • Proper data is the cornerstone of our work.
  • Spam-free. Value our people as well as their time.
  • Quality is fundamental to high quality.
  • "Readers first" is the strategy of any blog post.
  • Not harm.

About me

This online project evolves due to our remarkable team led by Tim Perez, the creator.

He opened this web project as a way to share his long-lasting fascination for cars and trucks with the online community.

As an auto gearhead and a mechanic lover, he has been playing with motor vehicles since he was 22 when he got his very first car - an old VW Golf.

He is an expert auto mechanic.

He knows his way around the repair shop. His in-depth working experience, as well as years of performance in the field, allow him to offer web content that is both detailed and also comprehensible.

How We Make Money

Because we are not promoting items or support services, our online site earns an income from media adverts together with referrals.

We can receive a tiny commission if users consider purchasing a part after following an affiliate link. At no extra cost.

Yet still, we do not advertise that advice and do not take fees from companies to advocate for their parts on our website.

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Our mission is to generate openness as well as shared respect.

Please do not hesitate to consult with us with the help of the application form for general inquiries.

You can also leave your review or ideas.

We do our finest to react soon to everybody.